Visit usat SIMEI 2019

Visit us at SIMEI 2019

Pavillion 13Booth K10-L9

Pavillion 13Booth K10-L9

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Polaris Automazioni, it’s a liquid filling machines manufacturer, next autumn we will expose at SIMEI 2019.

SIMEI, is the international reference point expo, regarding bottling and packaging technologies, will open from 19 to 22 of November in Milan. You’ll be welcome if you should want to come and visit us at SIMEI to know all the news signed by Polaris Automazioni at Pavillion 13 booth K10-L9.

To SIMEI there will be the perfect occasion to discover the full range of machines and face the team Polaris Automazioni.

Polaris Automazioni Srl is a liquid filling machines manufacturer that produce automatic bottle filling machines.

Our range for bottles filling machines, for olive oil, vinegar and liqueurs (such as Cognac, Brandy, Vodka, Whisky, Gin etc.) fits small and big producers.

Our automatic filling lines are composed by all the operative stations, including capping, capsulating and labelling heads, to fully dress all kind of bottles,


for oil, vinegar, spirits and liqueurs (vodka, whisky, cognac, brandy etc.)designed for small, medium and large bottlers and beverage companies.


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