Automatic Salami Packaging system

It consists of various modules that are assembled according to the specific packaging needs.

The main module is represented by the ET7 Labeling Machine that wraps the self-adhesive label around salami of any size and length, conical or irregular salamis, both in synthetic and natural casing, guaranteeing the overlap of the two edges and the tension of the label equal to those of manual labeling.

A simple format change allows you to switch from one type of salami to another very quickly. Some adjustments are manual, others are stored in the PLC of the labeller which automatically finds the specific position for each type of salami.

ET7 labeller is made in two models:

  • ET7-A labeller. It packs medium-small salami, from cacciatorino to Milan or Hungarian. (Length from 120mm to 700mm, gauge from 30mm to 100mm).
  • ET7-B labeller. It packs medium-large salami, from felinetto to pancetta and coppa included. (Length from 150mm to 700mm, gauge from 40mm to 140mm).

Other modules which, on request, can compose the packaging group:

  • LABELING MACHINE FOR STROLGHINI With special equipment it is possible to wrap the “strolghini” in their typical straw paper or normal paper prepared on rolls. With this labeling cycle the strologhino will be almost entirely covered as it happens in the manual packaging. If necessary, a scale can be placed inside the group to check the fixed weight of the "strologhino", automatically eliminating those that are not compliant from the labeling cycle.
  • WEIGHING PRICE SCALE After being labeled, the salami can be weighed. The scale that weighs the salami is positioned in the body of the labeling group and affixes the label to the overlap of the main label that was previously applied. In addition to detecting the weight of the salami, the scale can provide other customizable data and can be connected to the customer's management system. The weighing of the salami, the printing of the label and its laying on the salami take place in the same cycle. With this method the weighing cycle is approved.


  • Thermal transfer stamp that prints on the label, before its application on the salami. The stamper uses electrically heated metal characters and can print on one, two or three lines. The change of metallic characters is manual.
  • Inkjet printer for printing dates, barcodes, etc.


  • The ET7 labellers can be customized according to customer needs.
  • Nominal productivity: about 25-26 pieces / min. With weighing of salami 20 pieces / min. These data may vary depending on the type of salami.