Can filling systems for Butter, Margarine and Food fats

  • Flexible and hygienic tin can fillers, formats from 100g to 2 kg
  • Suitable for processing butter (82% milkfat), anhydrous milk fat (99.9% milkfat) or spreadable blends.
  • Can also be supplied with single-screw cone product feeds, with dual-screw hopper with manual or CIP washing, or with direct feed and compensator cylinder.

Our filling machines are fabricated mainly in stainless steel to meet the stringent sanitary standards of the dairy industry. The machine is controlled by PC with a touch-screen operator interface. It includes various controls and can also operate unmanned. The packs exiting the machine can be sent to a dynamic weight control system that automatically corrects the weight dosed by the machine. Can also fill other containers, plastic buckets with or without handle for catering use or waterproof cardboard containers. The machine can be fitted with device to place greaseproof paper sheet at the bottom and/or top of the pack.

Product packaged

  • Product packaged: butter, margarine or other fats of varying consistency
  • Production range: from 100 g to 2 Kg
  • Output: up to 60 pieces/min
  • Size change: 15 minutes

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