for oil, vinegar, spirits and liqueurs (vodka, whisky, cognac, brandy etc.) designed for small, medium and large bottlers and beverage companies.

Whychoose Polaris Automazioni?

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Maximum flexibility

Polaris Automazioni , liquid filling machine manufacturers, have engineered to offer maximum flexibility as regards bottle size and offer exclusive features (internationally patent protected) which set them apart from the other machines on the market.

The bottling systems developed by Polaris Automazioni are based on innovative technology that meets the specific demands of those looking to:
• use different types of bottle (cylindrical, square, conical, little jars, made with irregular shapes and with a range of possible capacities)
• frequently change the format or production batch

No change parts needed!

Polaris Automazioni lines do not use scrolls, star-wheels, guides or any other special accessories for handling the various shapes and sizes of bottles.

The technology used by Polaris Automazioni for its bottling lines for oil, liqueurs and vinegar enables the bottle size changeover by making simple and rapid adjustments, some of which are manual whereas others are entered on the digital display, taking 15 to 30 minutes depending on the configuration of the line.

The competitive benefits of an exclusive, patent-protected system made entirely in italy.

SAVINGS made with the POLARIS line:

Time and money for bottle size changeovers

Rapid bottle size changeover by quick adjustments without the need to swap any equipment.

Maintenance and spare parts

The reciprocating pitch linear system, reduces wear of mechanical parts enormously. The conveyor is self-lubricating.

Electrical power

The heads are pneumatically-operated. The total installed electrical power for the entire basic version of the line is less than 2.8 kW (B3, B5, B500 and BM1500) or 5 kW (B6 and B1500).


The entire line is an extremely compact one-piece machine, in Monobloc.


With the Polaris system, the bottles do not come into contact with each other.