The BM1500 is made with a narrow pitch to accommodate the bottle sizes for filling, enabling an extremely compact one-piece machine while maintaining the features of the other machines made by Polaris Automazioni, such as:


The bottle size changeover involves just a few simple adjustments and without having to change machine parts, in just 10-15 minutes depending on the line configuration.


It has a nominal production capacity of 1500 bottles/hour, and different speeds can be selected based on the shape with no production downtime.


Its specifications make it ideal for use by co-packers.


The entire line consists of a one-piece machine made entirely in AISI 304 stainless steel (parts coming into contact with the product in AISI 316 available on request).


The basic configuration of the B1500 line for SPIRITS AND LIQUEURS includes:

  • FILLING MACHINE 6-nozzle filler with vacuum directly in the bottle, complete with product feeding system which uses a cycle within the filling machine fitted with a Venturi tube to automatically draw it up from the customer's storage tank, without the need for a pump. The machine has an automatic internal cleaning programme with pipe/false bottles.
  • CAPPER Capping unit for screw or press-on caps with a 400mm diameter cap feeding hopper.
  • LABELLER Labelling unit for self-adhesive body labels (in paper or transparent) with horizontal unwinding.
  • LABELLER Labelling unit for self-adhesive back labels (in paper or transparent) with horizontal unwinding.
  • ELECTRIC CONTROL PANEL with Profinet and HMI touch-screen operator panel.
  • ACCIDENT-PREVENTION GUARDS CE standard accident-prevention guards with top cover.
  • BOTTLE INFEED with continuously-running conveyor belt with introduction of the bottles on the chain with reciprocating motion.
  • FINAL COLLECTION TABLE for the finished product.


The BM1500 line can be highly customised and its configuration always matches the specific bottling and packaging needs of the user, adding or removing different heads as required.

The following can be added to the same basement:
  • 6-nozzle bottle blower using filtered compressed air, or nitrogen (filter, pressure reducer and pressure gauge, supplied).
  • Can also fill PET bottles (if stiff).
  • Batch feeders for bottled liquid flavourings.
  • Feeder hoppers handling all types of screw or press-on cap (the terminal head of the capping unit must be replaced to change from a screw cap to a press-on cap).
  • Pre-set recipes called up by an ID number using the digital display for the various bottle shapes, with the operating settings (filling time, labelling, etc).
  • Remote assistance (remote machine diagnostics), via modem.
  • Upper hood with motor-operated exhauster for intake of alcohol vapour from the filling room.
  • Machine compliant to process potentially explosive products (ATEX)
  • The machine can be supplied on 4 wheels.

Additional customisation needs for future heads available on request.

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