All-round production solutions

Polaris Automazioni puts the principles of quality, flexibility and growth in first place with its production systems.

An internal choice was made at the company to be able to pursue these production system principles.
It is for this reason that every Polaris Automazioni machine or solution is created in our mechanical technical department with 3D software design support, as well as integration with the electrical technical department where the control panels which our programmers will bring to life are created.
We also manufacture internally all metal framework components, whether these are composed of profiles, tubular sections or laser cut sheet-metal parts. The subtractive removal machining processes are also performed within Polaris Automazioni’s premises, using traditional machine tools or CNC.

The internal production cycle is completed with the assembly and pre-testing performed by our technicians under the oversight of the technical departments.

When these stages are complete, the most important phase – the most significant and tangible for the customer – begins. We are, of course, talking about the installation, commissioning and training, and the subsequent after-sales phase.

We do not limit ourselves to quality control of our suppliers’ products: we even produce a large proportion of the materials internally to ensure the highest levels of quality required for our products.

The flexibility of internal production allows us to produce what we need in real time. Handling the entire production process also helps us constantly grow our internal expertise and know-how.

The mission of Polaris Automazioni

The mission of Polaris Automazioni is to support all manufacturers of oil, vinegar, spirits, butter, margarine and food fats, or companies which use them in their own products, with the same enthusiasm from the initial contact right through to after-sales.

Polaris Automazioni was founded in the 1960s by Alberto Bertani, who began building his first semi-automatic labelling machines in his home workshop. Over the years, the company has grown, creating an increasingly complete range of machinery and automated products which are well received in every corner of the globe.
With the arrival of the new millennium, Polaris Automazioni underwent a natural process of succession, with the founder Alberto making way for his daughter Antonella, who brought in new partners – Davide, Marcello and Sergio – offering new skills and expertise to the company.

The new corporate structure and the renewed desire to conquer an ever-wider customer base led Polaris Automazioni to enter the butter, margarine and soft cheeses market, in which the new partners have over 20 years of experience.
Get in touch with us, and our sales staff Roberto, Natalie and Riccardo will guide you through the company’s offering.

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